Beer FAQ

What kind of beer can I brew?

We brew from scratch in copper kettles which means no limits. We brew almost every style: lagers, light lagers, pilsners, ales, porters, stouts and even bocks.

What ingredients go in the beer?

Malts, hops, grains, and filtered water. Our beers have no additives or preservatives.

How big is each batch?

Each batch is 48 litres. That’s approx 12 dozen standard bottles, 96 500ml bottles, or 48 one litre size bottles.

How long does it take to make a batch?

The actual brewing process takes about 90 minutes. The law requires that you must partake in some of the brewing process. We at Westside have a Wort license which allows us to cook the ingredients for you but you must still come in, pay for the ingredients, and pitch the yeast. From there we will ferment your beer and you come back in 2-3 weeks to bottle your beer.

Can I customize my beer?

Absolutely! If you want more hops, no problem. Higher or lower carbonation – we can do that.

Do I have to age my Beer?

No! Unlike wine, your beer is ready to drink the day you bottle it. Fresh is best.

What’s the best way to store my beer?

Somewhere cool and dark is best. A fridge is ideal. No beer fridge? Try a cool dim room. Garages are notoriously BAD for beer storage because of temperature fluctuations. With good storage, your beer should last about 3 months. Remember: better storage = longer shelf life.

Can I split my batch between glass and plastic?

Absolutely! We are happy to show you how to bottle both. However, our bottle capper will only allow crown cap glass bottles. Plastic is no problem. We have customers that use 2 litre, pop bottles or 500ml plastic bottles. The only plastic that we can’t get tops for are water bottles. Our free bottle washers does a quick wash and 2 ozinating cyles, but you should be sure to check your bottles for mould, dead bugs etc. before coming in.

What makes our beer special?

Our beer is brewed in a copper kettle from natural fresh ingredients, using no preservatives or additives which gives you the true taste of beer. Each batch has at least 2 different hops: one for flavor and one for aroma. Your beer is filtered, carbonated and ready to drink the moment you bottle it, no waiting. With over 100 recipes Westside U Brew has something to suit every taste and budget.

How much will it cost?

That depends on the beer. The lighter beers will cost less than the hearty beefy stouts or heavy ales. The less expensive beer you can brew with us is about $148.00 and the more expensive $153.00. The average is about is $148.00.